Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Go away!

Please go away. Far far away. I'm sick of you. Just let me alone now. Better be alone than having a bad company.

I'm so tired of you. 

I just wants to focus to myself. Loving me like no oner ever did to myself. Loving me as much as the love i give to other people.

I'm still a lost alien. Searching for something that i don't remember in somewhere that i don't know.

But now is better. A lot. I realised that i have to love myself. So much that all the puzzle falling into its place.

You don't know me. I don't like your present. I don't like pink roses nor that kind of chocolate. All this time, you never bother try to know me better.

I'm so tired of you.

Just leave me alone. Really really alone. Just like you did to me for all this time.

I'm sick of you.
I'm so tired of you.
And I've had enough...

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