Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Templates New Mood

Oh, I hope so..

New blog templates will boost my mood. Hopefully it will give me a new spirit to write in this blog. Haha~

My old template is made by my bestfriend Rina Tjoeng. I'm so computer illiterate that I can't design my own blog. It's really confusing! (>.<) I'm using "template designer", the new feature from blogspot. In this feature, you could make and edit your own templates. (Yeah, where have I been all of this time that I don't know this feature?) Before trying this feature, I already browsing some of interesting themes, downloaded also. But my blog before is too complicated because too many widget. So after I changed into the new template, it becomes error, and finally I tried to use that feature. -__-"

This is my old template

I do some trial and error to make this new template. I took a photograph from here to put the display for the header. Well, I'm not copied the exact link of the website, but I copied just the link for the picture instead. (-.-") But, nevermind.. The title is something about rainbow, but I used soft color instead of vibrant rainbow color. I like it that way, maybe next time I'll make it reaaally colorfull. Hhhmm.. and it's not that perfect actually, but at least I've tried. Maybe edit your blog template is an easy job for you, but not for me. I'm so illiterate that I have to googling how and what to do. Well, there is a first time to everything in your life. :D

Before, the theme is kinda dark, but now I'm trying to make it clean and bright. Hopefully I could get rid off those grim, gloomy, and dark emotion. Hopefully!!.. X)

And this is my new template



  1. komen ane ilang? :o


    etapi ini keliatan lebih lumayan, ndak gloomy seprti kemarin - kemarin. :))

  2. nyohohooho..
    daku sebenernya emang suka sama warna hitam. tapi kok ya pas moodnya gelap dan suram jadi makin pengaruh. makanya tak ganti yang cerah-cerah dulu.. :)) :))

    komenmu ada kok, ndak ilang..
    eh, emang blogmu blogspot yo?
    bukan WP?

  3. pokoknya keren lah

    salam kenal ya

  4. @om warm: aaah, terima kasih..
    salam kenal juga deh. XDD

    @mona hihihi.. terima kasih. semoga orangnya jadi ikutan fresh. *ngaca*

  5. akhirnya dah pinteran juga lo...
    *peace* :p