Saturday, May 21, 2016

Believe in Yourself

"I'm just afraid, my decision will lead to other destruction", said Agni.

Shiva just staring at her, and slowly sip his wine.

"That is why, ask yourself and make sure to yourself."

"Then... tell yourself that you can do it. Everytime you doubt yourself, change negative into positive thoughts."

"Tell yourself "I CAN", everytime yourself tells you 'I doubt myself" or "I can't"."

Agni just kept her silence trying to understand all of his words.

"Make peace to yourself." He said that too before.

"Anything happen, believe yourself and make peace with yourself first." He kept saying that.

"How?", she ask again.

"Ask to yourself. Not me."

"Grow up, Agni."

"You know the answer."

"Find it yourself. Believe yourself."

"Believe yourself is the first thing to embrace yourself."

That was some of his last words before he continue working his deadline. Cannot be disturbed until he finished all his works. Still, the words left her wondering. But now, new hope lit in her heart..

Pic is taken from tumblr.

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