Sunday, September 17, 2017

[Journal] Going to Singapore to Have a Workshop

I' going to have a trip tomorrow to Singapore and I'm I'm so excited!



I lied. I was sooooooooooo anxious about my trip tomorrow. I will go someplace I don't know, never been there before, and I go by myself. So yes, I was worried. And I'm trying to control my feeling so it's not gonna change from just-kinda-mild-worry into anxiety.

I don't know whether it's me or PMS talking, but I'm so nervous. And I don't know which one that makes me nervous more, the trip or the workshop that I will take. Yes, I'm going to have a Bach Flowers Remedies workshop.

Maybe some of you were thinking, 'Ahelah, why the hell are you afraid travelling alone, I did that, alot of people did that!'

First, I weren't you nor other people. I am me, will all my excess bagage and anxiety inside. Second, well I cannot think other reason because I'm kinda numb now. Okay, second, you never walked in my shoes.

I just hope everything went well and smooth and I go home happily. Finger crossed and I'm looking forward to break a (someone's) leg!


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  1. can i see your shoes. i wonder how it look on me.. #Kaboooooooor