Tuesday, November 28, 2017

[Journal] Monday Getaway

The view from sate kiloan PSK at Puncak Pass 

I (well, we are) was so impulsive yesterday. When we're on our way to go to my therapist, Mr. A suddenly said something about going up to Puncak. Well, why not? But the problem is I will be teaching my privat class after my therapy session.

It's been more than a month, I supposed, when I have my last accupressure therapy session. Last month, I was exhausted working (and frikkin' stressed out too) and to tired to go anywhere on the weekend. So, I missed alot of my therapy sessions. I was planning to go last Saturday, but it didn't work out since I was tired omw there. So I went back home half way.

You know, I got accident yesterday. I fell down from the stairs. It hurts like hell. Swollen and bruised too. But since my pain tolerance is quite high, I guess, or maybe it's just the high dosage of painkiller doing its job, I feel quite ookaay. But still, I'm worried. After I started to feel the pain again, I know I need to see my therapist.

On my accupressure therapy session

Then we didn't talk about our plan again. Until...

I'm finished teaching and on our way to the highway then I asked, "Aren't you said something about going up to Puncak before? Are we going or what?". He just said, "We'll see about it..."

And leaving me pouting..

Then the car entering the highway, to the opposite direction from our home. So, yay! We went on a picnic. In the middle of rainstorm. We got hit by tropical syclones recently so almost everyday is rainstorm.

It's Cloudy and foggy up there. Not to mention cold.

We just drive and drive and drive, sightseeing. Since I'm starving, I keep saying "I'm hungry, let's eat somewhere!" as he driving along the way.

We finally decied that we went to sate kiloan PSK at Puncak Pass to eat Sop and sate kambing. If you plan to eat here, you gotta race with time and temperature. Because if you don't eat your meal quickly, it will became so cold you won't enjoy it. It's kambing! Taste weird (and fatty) when you eat cold. 

Goat satay and soup!

Then, following Mr. A who wants to have some cold beer (in this frikkin cold wheather!), we went to Cipanas to Brasco Factory Outlet. He said there is a nice place to hang out and have a beer. It turned out the place is a chocolatier also! It's called Nicole's Kitchen. The place we went is the lounge on 3rd floor.

I ordered rum milk chocolate. He, of course, ordered a bottle of beer. My milk chocolate taste good, but not really my liking. I love how the way they serve the milk chocoalate. A glass of warm milk and a pop of chocolate. (How to say the ice-cream-look-alike chocolate?)

On our way going down the building, I was curious about the chocolate shop. So we went sightseeing to the shop. Not really wanting to buy anything if there is no interesting things. They have 75% and 65% dark choco. So yea of couse, I bought them. Curioouuss...

Yesterday is quite fun since we rarely go out together nowadays. His workdays and my workdays got very different schedule. Arrived home very very late because we were avoiding the traffic back home, but already thinking about having this kind of getaway again later. 

Any idea where?

*might add the picture later as they are scattered at some different devices.

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