Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Doodling Again, Shall we?

Me start doodling again after quite a loooong time. I can't draw and I used to hate drawing. I have a lot of fear and things that I hate, but slowly, I start deal with them. Drawing is one of them. Well, not drawing or painting to be exact, but I choose to start with this kind of doodle since I love to see the skin with henna pattern.
This draw actually is a trial. I still have some coloring painting tools that I never use, like color pen set, crayon, acrylic paint, etc. I tried the color pen on an unused paper. Aaand this is the result. I don't know what to draw but so far I feel satisfied.

I found out that doodling is calming. I should try to make some more. It so therapeutic!

I should thanks to @em_owens_ (This is her Instagram acc). Her works that she posted to Tumblr are so inspiring. Thank you! <3 <3

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