Sunday, February 26, 2017

[Journal] Busy weeks on February

I've had busy, fun, tiring, and interesting week(s)! And I'm grateful for that. Tired with activity means that God still give me opportunity to earn money and all the experience that I might not able to buy it myself.

So last weekend I went to Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang to see some housing facilities and enjoying our time at Mason Pine Hotel. Spent a night at Bandung and went home on Sunday. Then the next day, which is Monday, I have to pick my parents up and accompany them to the airport because my father went to Mekkah. On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Sentul (Sentul International Convention Center) to handle an event from one of politic party. 

Thursday I have meeting at Australian Embassy for IAWB event (will be held on March). After that I went to Depok to meet my friend Evi (We bought some face wash together and I went there to pick it up) and have a electric therapy (terapi setrum) at ILUNI FIB UI to help me relief my backpain. The face wash that I bought are The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Mung Bean and Spearmint for Men, review might coming soon. Then, I went home with the last train to Jakarta.

On Friday I have a meeting with an old friend about a coming interpreting job (I will go to Bali insyaallah. SUPER YAY!). Rizq could come from anywhere, including a cinnamon roll and a glass of signature chocolate from Sbux, treat from AB. Then I went to tutor my student. I also went to attend a special concert to celebrate 60 years Astra. Congratulation, #Astra60!

And todaaaay, I have another busy weekend, attending Bloggers Day at Klub Kelapa Gading. Playing badminton and swimming. And I am soooooo tired now. Need some massage and rest, because I'm on the edge of exhaustion.

I still have some homework waiting on the line. I will make some time to write a draft about Kota Baru Parahyangan and today's experience at Klub Kelapa Gading. I still have some report to do, some drafts waiting to post, some product review to complete, some places to review, some stories to tell in another journal. Just wait for it!


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