Monday, April 23, 2018

[Journal] Monday Blogwalking

For quite some times, I've been itching to write something to put under label [Journal], but I don't know what to write. It's not because I don't have anything in mind, but maybe it's because too much thought swimming in my chaotic mind. I just don't know where to start, like usual.

Today (Monday, April 24th, 2018), Raining. I just doing things on my bed. Sleeping until noon (I fell asleep around 6 PM. Ha!) because of coughing all night long. Since I cannot sleeping, so I was reading (and finishing!) a novel from Diana Palmer, Dangerous (Long Tall Texan series). I've been obsessed with the series lately. The series itself has already around 50 something books. It tells about people who live in Jacobsville county, Texas. Most of them were ranchers, cowboys. I don't even know that the city name was real or no. I might look for it later.

Trying out my new second hand laptop. Well, it's an ultrabook, actually. Since my budget was really tight, I cannot afford a high specifications of a new laptop. I can only afford a low end consumer netbook, with a Celeron or Atom processor. My previous one is Asus Transformer t100ta (but i think my previous netbook is a middle end consumer netbook since the price is quiet high). 

I started to think about learning video editing, the very basic one. My friends (and people in the internet) said that if I want to use laptop for video editing, i5 and 8GB RAM is the minimum spec to go. So yeah, because of that I finally put another number to expand my budget. After few weeks googling, surveying, asking, and reading reviews i finally decided a second hand laptop maybe is the best for me now. Hopefully it would be good for at least 1-2 year ahead.

Some of my friends know that I've been frustrated for the last few months because my laptop is broken. All the photos and also material for some blogpost were there. I cannot publish some blogpost and reviews because MOST PHOTOS from my phone and camera were there. I'm still sad about my Raven (I gave name to my netbook, btw). I'm still trying to save Raven and extract all the data inside, hopefully in these few weeks.

I've been trying to login to some of my social media account in my browser with no success (except for Pinterest), so I do some blogwalking instead. I suppose, reading some good writings or articles is better for my mental health than just reading twitter timeline (which full of judgemental people lately). Some are favourite blogs and some are from pinterest. You know, I really love Pinterest, it wass full of inspiration there.

Some articles that I read, talking about:

Gosh! It's good to write in a bigger screen with a proper keyboard, than write in a 5 inch screen with a full web mode when I tried to post something in here. I got bigger screen that before too, an upgrade from 10 inch screen to 12,5 inch screen. Better for my eyes, i think.

Usually, when i read articles on the web that i like, after i bookmarked it, i tend to leave it on my browser in case of i need to re-read it again later. Then in the end, my browser is full of tabs that i don't read. (I could open more than 10 or 20 tabs in my browser!) That's not very efficient things to do, eating out your RAM and "hoarding" things I cannot let go. (Yeah, I have difficulties to let go of thing)

Just today, I was thinking a better ideas. Why not I put it on a post on my Journal instead so I can easily re-read them later? So here I am, trying to put them here. It was easier to do it on laptop, than on my phone. So perhaps i would still open a lot of tab in my phone later, but hopefully i could transfer them in a post too.

Care to share your favourite blog or website to me? I could use some new places to read. Thanks in advance!

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